Premium Hair Serum

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This serum is the same used in our hair pack, but with a concentrated punch.  Not only does the serum provide great results when used with our mango shampoo and hair pack, it can also be used daily as a replacement for your conditioner.  Ideal for people with thick, damaged, long or thinning hair.  SEE RECOMMENDATIONS BELOW


How to Use HAU Serum:

Toss your current conditioner (or use it in place of shave cream)

Get in you shower and very first thing...wet your hair and shampoo (we recommend our HAU Mango shampoo for best results).

Rinse out the shampoo and apply HAU SERUM liberally to scalp...this will replace the need for conditioner.

Let the serum sit in your hair as you wash your body, shave, etc.  (We recommend putting your hair in a big clip or loosely tying back if hair is long).

Last thing before exiting the shower, thoroughly rinse the serum out of the hair.

Towel dry, and style as usual.


Who Should Use  HAU SERUM:


    Using the HAU Serum will improve your scalps condition allowing for healthier hair growth.  You can go longer between shampoos because the scalp moisture is balanced, meaning, oily becomes normal and dry becomes normal.  Hair will grow stronger at the root giving more natural volume, brilliant shine, richer hair color, less frizz and flyaways, stronger hair for protection from damage in the future (say good by shine products, oils, volumizing products, etc.).

Just use Mango Shampoo followed by HAU Serum every time you need to shampoo, towel dry, and style as usual.




   The HAU Serum will give you the same amazing results as the HAU HAIR PACK (mask treatment), but may take longer to see results as the product does not have as much time to soak in.  Use every day/or every time you shampoo, to achieve visible results.  Some may notice a change to scalp and hair immediately, others may take some time.  Be sure to use a gentle cleansing shampoo that has little residue or coating ingredients. If you are unsure we recommend using HAU Mango Shampoo which is clarifying yet color safe and formulated to allow the serum and mask to work optimally.  Give your hair and scalp about 3 months to gauge new progress.  It will take a few weeks for what you were doing to your hair to be gone and for your new routine to have time to take effect and start showing visual results.    



    When starting the HAU Hair Pack treatment, it will take 3-5 packs for your hair to start benefiting from the detangling benefits.  This is because the product is not full of quick fix band aid ingredients that offer immediate detangling, rather HAU Hair Pack brings the hair to a better condition through nourishing ingredients that take a little time to soak in and start working.  We suggest using HAU serum in place of your conditioner.  Use the Hair Mask Once a week, and the HAU serum during the shampoo's on the in between days until the bottle of serum is gone.  Then continue with just the HAU Mask treatments once a week.



    For long hair that needs scalp attention (this could be from dryness and flaking issues to being so oily you have to shampoo everyday and would like to go more days in between)  Apply a generous quarter size amount of serum to the scalp prior to putting on a hair cap.




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