Moisturizing Face Mask (SINGLE PACK)

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This Korean Sheet mask is filled with top of the line, premium skin care ingredients.

Ideal for aging, dry, and dehydrated skin.

This formula hydrates and brightens for a natural glowing complexion.  Anti-aging ingredients combat fine lines, boost collagen production, and reduce the appearance of age and sun spots.

For younger ladies this is a great pick me up when you are dehydrated, dry, or flying.

This mask sticks to your face without sliding off like many of the popular masks.  This allows you to be mobile while receiving a face mask treatment.

It also is made of a premium quality fabric to ensure moisture stays in the skin.  Some cheaper materials allow the face to suck in the moisture and then pull the moisture back into the fabric if left on too long.  With Unnies Face mask, you can sleep in the mask if you want assured.

Use the face mask daily until face reaches ideal moisture, then use every 3 days for dry/aging types and as needed for other skin types.

BONUS: the face mask pouch will have excess serum, use the extra on your neck and body 

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