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HAU HAIR SERUM helps you to achieve beautifully healthy hair.  HAU Serum contains premium skin care ingredients and delivers a concentrated dose of nourishing vitamins directly to the scalp and hair.  Use regularly to help balance scalp moisture, allowing longer days between shampoos, more volume and fullness at the scalp, shine and softness through the ends, and noticeably better looking, more manageable hair.


(in place of conditioner)


2. Use HAU HAIR SERUM in place of conditioner.  Apply liberally from scalp to ends to deliver vitamins and nourishment to both.  It will not weigh your hair down...even if it is fine.  

3. Rinse thoroughly and dry as usual.


(as a treatment)

1. Shampoo

2. Apply HAU serum to the scalp and ends as needed before putting on a hair pack


    Apply liberally (we recommend approx 1/5th of the bottle) to scalp and ends, then cover with a shower cap

3. Leave on for 20-60 min 

4. Rinse thoroughly and style as usual



Extra tips:
We recommend our HAU Mango Shampoo because many shampoos contain ingredients that will leave a coating on your hair that may prevent our HAU Premium Serum from soaking in completely.

After applying HAU Premium Serum liberally to scalp and let it sit for 3-5 minutes. Let the serum sit in your hair as you wash your body, shave, etc. (We recommend putting your hair in a big clip or loosely tying back if hair is long).

Make sure to thoroughly rinse the serum out of your hair.

For further details see our Blog!

Ingredients: Water, Stearyl alcohol, cyclopentasiloxane, behentrimonium, methosulfate, dimethicone, cetyl alcohol, butylene glycol, argania spinosa kernel, jojoba seed oil, camellia japonica seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, aleurites moluccana seed oil, tremella fuciformis (mushroom) extract, glycerin, beta-glucan, milk protien extract, hydrolyzed collagen, 1,2-hexanediol, sodium hyaluronate, lentopodium alpinium extract, portulaca oleracea extract, saussurea involucrata extract, sophora flavescens root extract, capsicum annuum fruit extract, lycium chinese fruit extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract, angelica gigas root extract, angelica dahurica root extract, morus alba root extract, pinus palustris leaf extract, lithospermum erythrorhizon root extract, polygonum multiflorum root extract, hydrolyzed keratin, allatoin, tocopheryl acetate, betaine, panthenol, royal jelly extract, caprylyl glycol, illicium verum fruit extract, c10-11 Isopraffin, citric acid, polyquaternium-37, PPG1 trideceth-6, propylene glycol dicaprylate/diccaprate, sorbitan oleate, acrylates/steryl methacrylate copolymer, disodium EDTA, cocos nucifera (coconut fruit) extract, fragrance.

5 Reviews

  • 5
    Great companion to the shampoo & hair packs

    Posted by Kim Miller on Feb 13th 2019

    I use this with the Hau shampoo and it feels great, my hair is really long (almost to my waist) so it takes a bit more to be sure to get all of my hair treated. I typically will add this to the serum in the hair pack because there is so much hair! My hair is "baby fine" and wavy but there is a lot, not just length...so, I still have some issues with my hair needing detangler if I don't use enough. My daughter's hair looks great when she uses it too -- she's 11 and I have used it on my twin boys who are 7 and it makes their hair softer and more manageable too!

  • 5
    Hair Serum

    Posted by Donna on Feb 5th 2019

    My hair is looking the healthiest it has looked in years! This is a great product!!!

  • 5
    Hair serum

    Posted by Charles M on Oct 18th 2018

    I have thick curly hair and this serum makes my hair soft and provides moisture while retaining volume and shape. My hair feels clean and balanced, not fluffy or dry.

  • 5
    Hair serum

    Posted by Angel H on Oct 18th 2018

    My husband Mike's course curly hair has seriously become super soft since using the Mango shampoo and serum. He manages it without any other products now too!

  • 5
    Hair Serum

    Posted by Jane Burger on Aug 23rd 2018

    Along with a weekly hair pack treatment, I use this serum along with the Mango shampoo when I wash my hair and on other days as a co-wash treatment in between shampoos. My curly hair is really getting compliments by others. Even though I have been noticing the difference, it's great when others are too.

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